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We are a Creative Experience Company. Story first. Technology second. Design mandatory.
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It’s difficult to describe exactly what we do. Truth is, if it was simple, we'd probably have been bored years ago.

Our skills are wide-ranging and constantly evolving, from design to tech, development, production, creative direction and idea generation. And whatever we can't do, we'll find someone who can or we'll learn how.*

*(Unless it’s a sexy Christmas calendar. We'll leave to the experts, because we had a bad experience once. Please don't Google the Grumps Advent Calendar of ’13.)

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What the Grump?

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How We Got Here

Founded in 2011, the HMAS Grumpy is piloted by Founder James Boyce, with an exceptionally talented leadership team at his side. Grumps is a band of misfits; each team member has taken their own weird and wonderful road to land at our doorstep, and that's one of our greatest strengths.

Our Mission

We explore new methods, new ideas and new products. We approach everything with creativity, integrity and good humour. We strive to contribute to a better global society by making the things that no one else would think to make.

How We Work

We are (primarily) a project-based company, and we’re usually brought on for a specific purpose – it’s usually something that’s difficult-to-define but totally recognisable as Grumps work. We work with partners varying in size, industry and needs, and while we can (and usually) work across the full life-span of a project, it's also common for us to come on board to crack a (creative or technical) nut nobody else can. Either way, we approach each brief like it defines our legacy and we go out of our way to play well with others. Heck, what's the destination worth if you don’t enjoy the journey?

The Evolving Toolbox

We have a range of sophisticated, carefully tuned processes that help us get to wherever we are going. Having said that, we're also a nimble organisation that takes pride in learning. We review, we evolve and we recognise that there are always other ways of doing things. Our world is moving quickly; we know we can't continue to do epic work if we're sitting on our bums.



Why We Do It

It might sound a bit lame (there's a bit of lame in true passion, right?) but the DNA of Grumps is coded by a bunch of people who give a damn. We care about what you want to do and we care about putting up the best work in the world, every single time. We care about helping the youth of today ask questions, and helping the children of tomorrow answer them, and we really care that our work isn't just adding more white noise to the atmosphere.

Our friends and partners





We build your wildest dreams

For news from all our Grumpy adventures, sign up here.
For news from all our Grumpy adventures, sign up here.

Grumpy Sailor operates on lands belonging to the Gadigal people of the Eora nation, and the Boon Wurrung and Woiwurrung (Wurundjeri) peoples of the Kulin nation.

We acknowledge these traditional owners and we pay our respects to leaders past, present and emerging.