January 2016



Google’s Creative Lab, Sandpit


Virtual Reality Experience

A 360 degree Virtual Reality experience of 'Ghost Toast and the Things Unsaid' at the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Using a VR installation with video and directional sound we created an app experience that mimics the play and unveils a troubled love story over three decades.

As the audience turn toward the protagonists they're given access to their inner monologue, telling a layered and intimate narrative about the thoughts we think but don't share.

Pretty cool, uh?

(In the spirit of speaking of thoughts we think but don't share, here's a big one: we still don't get 'The Matrix'. Was Keanu a machine? Did he have sex with a machine? Did wearing a shiny leather make the machines feel more slippery and less metallic? Get back to us on that if you can.)


For The Love of Meat

A 360 degree film exploring the difference between free range and commercial pig farming

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