March 2014


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Earth Hour


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We linked up with Pentagram and Google’s Creative Lab to create a web app inspiring participation in WWF’s Earth Hour lights out initiative.

Shakespeare once wrote that 'my soul is in the sky'. When you're looking up at a blanket of black night sky, with little needle-pricks of starlight piercing through, there's something that makes you feel like he was right: your heart beats a little slower, like you're seeing the world for the first time.

SKYPAD was about using this power of the night sky as a tool for support for Earth Hour. By asking people to turn their lights out and giving them a clear (virtual) night sky on which they could draw, name and share their very own constellation, we wanted to bridge the gap between the symbolic power of stars and the practical ways in which we can preserve our view of them.

It was a playful and personalised way to excite people about this yearly event and we loved being part of something that moves the needle in the direction of 'good'.

Skypad image /projects/skypad/1.jpg
Skypad image /projects/skypad/2.jpg


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